Three Characteristics You Need In A Circular Deck

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Typically, you will find decks that are square and take up the entire width of the home or building that they sit behind. If you want to have plenty of lawn space, or if you are working with a small yard, a circular deck can be a better option. Circular decks provide you with plenty of walking and sitting space within a shorter radius. Circular decks can be beautiful exterior additions that provide you with the best of both worlds with extra space and plenty of grassy area. Here are a few characteristics that you should get built into your circular deck to make sure that it is the perfect play area. 

Build a koi pond in the center

if you have a circular deck, you will need to place the walkway in one area of the circle and the sitting area in another part of the circle. This can cut down on the enjoyable space inside of the deck. If you put the walking area on the outside and the sitting area on the interior of the circle, you will be able to get more use out of the deck's square footage. Put a koi pond in the center of the deck, then put circular bench seating around the pond. If you do not want the upkeep of a koi pond, you can station a portable television or stereo system on the inside of the circle. 

Go with composite decking

Composite deck flooring is perfect for creating a circular deck. You can select dark wood or light wood depending on the decorative theme of your overall home. Try to select a wood that matches the trim on your home. This will help your deck look like a permanent addition. Be sure that the decking is properly sanded so that there are no issues with splinters and that the boards can be put together smoothly. 

Build a rail around the deck

You can never be too careful when it comes to outdoor safety. The fact that your deck is circular when so many people are used to square rooms and floors can lead to accidents. It is common to accidentally step off of a deck. Build a tall rail around the deck that is at least elbow height on most adults. This will help keep people's footing inside of the deck and it will provide a standing area for people to lean against while taking in some sunshine and air.