Benefits Of Using A Power Drill With A Built-In Light

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There are countless tasks around the house that a power drill can make easier. If you're hanging anything on a wall, for example, you can use a power drill to drill a hole for the anchor and then switch from a drill bit to a driver bit to drive the screw into the anchor. This power tool can be something that you reach for during just about every home improvement project, so it's important to buy the right one. Tool retailers carry lots of different power drills, and there are several different things to assess. Some of these drills have a built-in LED light that turns on when you squeeze the trigger. Here are three benefits of using a drill with a light.

More Precision

Even if you're not specifically working in a dark environment, you'll be surprised at how much your drill's built-in light brightens the area in front of you. It's likely that you'll find you're able to use this tool with more precision when the light is on. Whether you're trying to find a pencil marking that you've made on the wall for a pilot hole or are trying to clearly see the head of a screw that you need to drive into the wall, the light will allow you to precisely complete these tasks.

Both Hands Free

Sometimes, you may find yourself using your power drill in a dark environment. Without a built-in light, you'd likely have to hold a flashlight with one hand and use the drill with the other hand. This can be challenging, as you may also need to hold a screw or other piece of hardware, and it can often feel as though you could benefit from having another hand free. When the drill has a built-in light, you won't need to hold a light with your other hand, keeping it free and available for various tasks.

Safer Use

A drill that has a built-in light may also allow you to work more safely. Many jobs around the home require you to turn off power to the circuit where you're working. While this is important, some people don't like doing it because it turns the room's lights off. They can be tempted to work with the power turned on, which can be dangerous. When your power drill has an LED light, you'll feel comfortable turning the power off because of the tool's light — thus ensuring that you complete the job safely.

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