Four Reasons To Consider Switching From Curtains To Blinds

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If you are a homeowner and currently have curtains in your home, at some point, you will likely want to change your curtains. But before you start shopping for new drapes, you should consider switching to blinds. There are many advantages blinds have over curtains. The following are a few of them to consider.

Blinds take up less space

Unlike most curtains, blinds hang close to the window and, therefore, take up less space. Although it is not a lot of space, and it is not space you will be using, it does give a visual effect of the room being larger. This effect may be beneficial to the look you want when redecorating one or more rooms in your house.

Blinds work better than curtains

Generally speaking, blinds work much better at keeping out light. So when they are used for bedrooms, the sun is less likely to wake you up in the morning when you sleep past the dawn. However, there are curtains that can be found that are very thick. The downside to this is that these curtains, as well as others, are either open or closed. There is no gradation. Blinds, on the other hand, offer the homeowner the ability to shut out all of the light, let it all in or adjust the blinds to allow the exact amount of light into the room that you desire.

Blinds are available in many styles and colors

Don't assume that curtains offer more color and design choices that they are an automatic choice. Although there was a time when blinds were regulated to the office environment and were limited in style, there are now a wide range of styles and color available. There are both vertical and horizontal blinds, and they are available in a wide enough variety to give you plenty of options when decorating your home. Styles include wood, bamboo, shutters, woven wood and Roman shades to name only a few.

You don't need to use blinds throughout your house

Keep in mind that there is no reason to commit to having all blinds instead of all curtains. You can use blinds in only a portion of your home, while keeping curtains in others. Perhaps you find curtains more appealing in one part of the house, but you want the advantage of function in that blinds offer in another part of the house, such as the patio door.

If you are ready to throw out your old drapes or are simply redecorating your home, you should think about switching to blinds, either in part or completely. Check out window treatment sites like for more details.