8 Ways To Conceal A Chain Link Fence

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If you have a chain link fence and you decide that you would like to do something to conceal or decorate it, then there are many ways you can go about doing it. You can learn 8 great ways to disguise your chain link fence here:

1: Put up lattice

You can get lattice that's made of wood or vinyl to put up over the fence. Lattice comes in all different colors so you can choose the color that best matches your home. You can also buy discount lattice that's made of plastic, but it won't last as long.

2: Install slats through the links

You can get vinyl slats that slide right through the links. Like the lattice, slats can also be purchased in just about any color to match your specific wants.

3: Connect wooden fence panels to the fence

You can put up wooden fence panels that screw to the fence with the use of U brackets. Once connected, these panels give a look of a wooden fence, but it's your chain link fence that offers you durability.  

4: Use split bamboo fencing rolls

You can purchase split bamboo fencing rolls that are connected together. The pieces are flat, but they do look like natural pieces of bamboo.

5: Use rolled bamboo rolls

You can put up rolled bamboo rolls that get connected right to the fence. The difference between this type of bamboo fencing rolls and the one mentioned above is this kind is made up of fully round bamboo so it has a very real look to it.

6: Use hedging rolls

Much like the rolled wood you can also use rolled hedging that connects directly to the chain link fencing. Once it is installed along the fence it will have the appearance of a hedge. The best part is you can make it look like there is a hedge, but you won't have the added maintenance of caring for a hedge.

7: Grow a real hedge along the fence

If you are fine with the extra maintenance then you can grow a real hedge alongside the fence. You do want to make sure you have the hedging planted far enough away from the fence that it won't grow directly into the fence.

8: Use privacy netting

You can put up privacy fencing to change the look of the fence while giving you added privacy. This netting comes in a lot of different colors so you can achieve a look you will be happy with.

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