Refacing The Cabinets In Your Kitchen

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Refacing the cabinets might be the perfect project if you have a limited budget to update your kitchen. Refacing the cabinets can give them an entirely new look without the costs or labor of a total replacement.

Assess Your Current Cabinets For Damage

Before starting a refacing project, you must assess the condition of your cabinets. If the cabinets are significantly damaged, they may not be eligible for refacing. During this assessment, special attention should be paid to cracks because they can severely weaken the structural integrity of the cabinets. Warping is another damage that may be problematic during refacing work. If the cabinets have warped, the new face may not correctly fit them.

Choose New Faces That Are The Same As Your Cabinet's Materials

There are many different faces that you can apply to your kitchen cabinets. These faces can be available in a range of colors and materials. One of the more important can be choosing a face that is made of the same materials. This can ensure the new face will complement the appearance of your cabinets. In addition to these cosmetic benefits, this step can also ensure the face of the cabinet will not peel or crack. A professional kitchen cabinet refacing service can provide you with a list of your options for the new cabinets. This guidance can help you choose a new face with the look you want for your kitchen.

Consider Cabinet Faces With Windows

Choosing a new cabinet face will allow you to pick one with different design elements. Window faces can make it very easy to see into the cabinets. This may make it easier when you are looking to retrieve something from the cabinets. In addition to this practical benefit, the windowed faces may give the kitchen a more open feel. If you are worried about the durability of the window, you can choose glass panes that are impact and shatter resistant. These glass panes offer superior performance while still being an attractive part of your kitchen cabinets.

Prioritize Cabinet Faces With High-Quality Finishes

When refacing your kitchen cabinets, the finish quality is just as important as the material. These cabinets will suffer significant wear. A quality finish can protect them from staining, moisture damage, and other surface damage. This durability is crucial for cabinets near the stove or kitchen sink. These areas can be tough on the cabinets, and low-quality finishes may be far more prone to degrading. 

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