Replacing Your Kitchen Countertop? Choose A Natural Stone Countertop

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If you are replacing your kitchen countertop, you will find you have many choices available to you. This can make it difficult to choose what would work well for you. To help you, below is information about two types of natural stone countertops you can choose from. 

Granite Countertop

Granite countertops are beautiful and are noticed as soon as someone walks into your kitchen. Besides being beautiful, granite offers many benefits. Granite is durable and resistant to scratching and chipping. You can choose to seal the countertop, which will make it even more durable. This is even more beneficial if you have a large family or you use your kitchen countertop a lot while cooking. 

Granite is easy to clean and is resistant to dirt and bacteria. To clean the countertop, simply wipe it down with a damp cloth. If it is very dirty, use a mild cleanser to clean the countertop. Sealed granite is even easier to clean and take care of. One thing to know about granite is it is porous, which means liquids will seep through it if they are left on the countertop for a long time. Seal your granite countertop to prevent this from happening. 

Granite countertops come in a variety of colors, such as black, gray, blue, and more. You can ask the company to mix colors together to create a unique and beautiful color. This allows you to choose a color that will match well with your kitchen. 

Quartz Countertop

Another option you have is a quartz countertop. Like granite, this also offers you many benefits. Unlike granite, quartz is non-porous, which means liquids will not seep through it. This prevents stains, and the countertop will be even easier to keep clean. This also means you do not have to worrying about sealing a quartz countertop, which can save you time and money. 

Quartz countertops are low in maintenance because they are not porous. Spills can be cleaned quickly so you do not have to worry about using a lot of special cleaning products to remove stains. Wiping the countertop down each day with a damp cloth works great, or use a mild cleanser if you prefer. Quartz is a durable material and is resistant to chipping and scratching. 

Quartz comes in a variety of colors, and you can choose a patter that mimics concrete, granite, or marble.

Talk with a contractor that installs natural stone countertops and they can give you more information about these and other types available.