Plumbing Supplies Essential For The Installation Of A Garden Fountain

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The installation of a garden fountain may necessitate the use of several plumbing components. If you would like to install pipe sections and fittings in an inconspicuous area, digging a trench and laying the plumbing materials underground will conceal the materials in their entirety. Use the fountain type and placement variables to guide you in choosing plumbing essentials.

The Use Of Plumbing Supplies

A fountain kit that utilizes an electrically-operated pump may come with a detachable/non-detachable power cord, charging station, and installation guidelines. A water feature that is set up on a brick or cement surface will ensure that a fountain remains level while it is actively being operated. PVC pipes are plumbing materials that are lightweight, strong, and recyclable.

PVC pipe sections usually contain a rounded cross-section. Each plumbing piece can effectively transport water that is being cycled through the fountain. PVC pipes are also useful for concealing electrical cords that will be stored aboveground or underground. The use of pipe sections will protect cords from becoming dirty. The pipes will act as an insulating material. 

Attachment Variables

PVC pipe sections that are going to be joined together may/may not contain threading. Threaded pipe sections can be screwed or hooked together. Adjoining pieces will contain threading along the edge of each PVC pipe. Upon connecting pipes, a cement adhesive can be used to seal the edges of the two pieces that are attached.

If cement is being used to attach PVC pipes that will be submerged in water, a waterproof adhesive should be utilized. Pipe fittings can also be used to attach PVC pieces. Fittings may be constructed of plastic or metal. The fittings will cover the ends of two pieces that need to be permanently anchored together. Due to the width of a fitting, water will not be able to seep out through the edges of the adjoined pipe sections.

Before plumbing materials are purchased, an assessment of connecting pieces should be taken. This should include observing the location of power outlets or pipes that will be attached to the PVC pipe sections. The length of the new piping should be determined, prior to purchasing materials from a hardware store.

Any PVC pipes that will be installed underground will require a trench to support them. Digging a trench and tamping down the bottom of it will ensure that pipe sections can lay out evenly across the trench. After PVC pipes are installed, fresh dirt should be used to fill in the trench.

For more information or for supplies, contact a plumbing supply store in your area.