Live In A Tropical Climate? 4 Things To Consider With Window Replacement

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As a homeowner, you will eventually need to replace features if you live there long enough. A great example is replacing windows, especially while living in a tropical climate, because you will notice the impact of old and outdated windows more than some features. Thinking about several important qualities will help you pick replacements that greatly satisfy your family.

Hurricane Protection

You may deal with hurricane season several months per year in a tropical climate. These are times when you must be prepared to protect your windows with hurricane shutters. However, you can use window replacement as your opportunity to get built-in hurricane protection.

Windows can provide different levels of hurricane protection. The strongest windows can protect your home and items from the most powerful storms. Let professionals know about your budget and priorities to determine how much defense you can get against hurricanes.

Insulation Quality

Most window replacements will come with an upgrade to insulation. However, you want to analyze insulation quality for replacements to maximize insulation throughout your home. Living in a tropical climate means you may rely on the cooling system for most of the year.

The most reliable way to lower your cooling bill is to keep it cooler inside naturally. Keeping warm air from getting inside is something that window replacement can help accomplish. You will also find it more comfortable to spend time next to the windows with better insulation.

Visual Design

Consider the visual design of replacement windows to maximize your satisfaction. For instance, you may want to bring more natural light to certain areas or rooms. A reliable way to make this happen with a window replacement is to minimize obstruction through design. A large glass pane will provide more sunlight than one with small glass panes separated by grilles and muntins.

Going with white or light colors for the frame and trim is also a smart idea because you will minimize the impact of sunlight fading. While lighter colors will fade in the same way as darker colors, you will notice the difference in darker colors much easier than white or similar colors.


Replacing windows is an excellent time to downsize or upsize. While this adds more work to the replacement process, you may feel comfortable with the extra work for the potential outcome. Look around your house to determine where you want to maximize natural light or get a great outside view that you are missing out on while inside the house.

Use these tips to maximize satisfaction with window replacement in a tropical climate.