What Is A Park Model And Where Can I Put One?

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There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to park model trailers because they look like small mobile homes, but in reality, these units are not the same at all. Park models are actually rated as recreational vehicles, so the rules and guidelines around them are very different from those of mobile homes. 

Construction Differences

A park model is not a home that is intended for full-time living. The home may be strong enough to set up and leave in place all year, but the square footage is small, and the construction is lighter than that of a mobile home. The materials are not inferior, but because the park model is built so you can tow it or move it when you want to, the builders will often use materials similar to those found in a camper or RV.

There is often less insulation in a park model than in a standard mobile home, and the walls may use two-by-three studs instead of heavier two-by-four studs to save some weight. In some park models, there is a holding tank for water instead of standard plumbing. Also, you may need to plug your park model home into an external power source to have electricity.

Parking Your Park Model

In some places, you can setup a park model trailer in a mobile home park, but the requirements for that will more than likely require you to make some changes to the trailer to make it more permanent. The rules are going to vary from place to place, so you need to contact the mobile home park and see if they will allow smaller park model trailers there. 

Because park model trailers are definned as RVs by most states, getting into an RV park is not typically a problem. You can rent a site and set it up for the season in one place. This way, you will have a nice place to relax and enjoy your vacation or time away from home. Again, in an RV park, there are rules and guidelines that your park model will need to meet, so check with the park to determine what you need to do.

Full-time Living

While there are people that have set up a park model and made it a full-time home, these units are not designed for that. If you are in a warmer climate and have the place to set the trailer up that allows you to have sewage drains on-site, you could make it work. If you are considering it, talk to the manufacturer about making some changes to accommodate full-time living when you are buying your park model. 

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