The Benefits Of Installing A Whole-House Salt-Free Water Filtration And Softening System

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A salt-free water filtration system and water softener is worth a close look when you want to improve the quality of water in your home. This type of system treats all the water in your home so every faucet delivers filtered water. Here's why this is a better option than a point-of-use filter and the benefits of using a salt-free system.

The Advantages Of A Whole-House Filter

A point-of-use filter attaches to your kitchen sink and treats water that you use for cooking and drinking. While this improves the quality and safety of the water you ingest, it won't do anything to treat water in other areas, like your bathrooms. When you have a whole-house filter installed, you can drink from bathroom faucets as well and not worry about water quality. Also, the water from your shower is treated so the water vapor you breathe while showering isn't as heavily laden with chlorine and other chemicals or contaminants. A whole house filter ensures every faucet in your home delivers treated water.

The Benefits Of A Salt-Free System

A salt-free water filtration and softening system removes contaminants from your water and it softens water as well. The softening aspect protects your plumbing and appliances from scale buildup. You get the same benefits you would get from a traditional water softener that uses salt, but you don't have the bother of filling the brine tank all the time. Plus, a salt-free system doesn't need electricity and it doesn't waste water like some other filtration and softening devices. One difference between a traditional softener and a salt-free softener is that the water doesn't have a slick feel with a salt-free system. Besides that, you'll have the same benefits of cleaner laundry, less buildup on your shower doors, and longer lives for your appliances.

The Decision To Install A Salt-Free System

When you're looking at water filtration and softening systems, compare the types of contaminants they remove. This ensures the system you buy will do what you want it to whether it's to improve the taste of your water, remove chlorine from the shower, or make your drinking water as safe as possible. Next, think about installation and ongoing maintenance. A salt-free system can be installed nearly anywhere, even outside. It doesn't need electricity or a drain. There is little ongoing maintenance needed, especially when compared to the maintenance a traditional softener needs. Also, don't forget to compare the actions of the water treatment device you buy. Some only filter water and some only soften water. For the best treatment of your water, you probably want a system that does both.