4 Landscaping Improvements To Prepare For Another Hot, Dry Summer

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Dry summers are hard on landscaping and may mean dead patches of grass in your lawn and dead plants. Good spring maintenance and landscaping improvements help save landscaping from hot dry summers. You may want to consider improvements like shade screens for vulnerable plants over seeding grass with drought tolerant varieties and planting hardy native species. Here are some of the improvements to landscaping that will help your lawn and gardens make it through summer:

1. Drought-Tolerant Overseeding For Green Summer Lawns

The most difficult maintenance of landscaping during the summer months is grass lawns. As rains dry up, the grass often dies in the heat. Today, special drought tolerant species have been bred to solve this problem. Overseeding your lawn with mixtures that include drought-tolerant grass seed will help keep your lawn green throughout summer.

2. Spring Water Collection Improvements to Provide Summer Irrigation

Adding water collection systems to your home is a great green improvement, which will also provide you with water for landscape irrigation during summer droughts. Consider simple rain collection systems for your gutters, as well as grey water recycling to reuse water from appliances to irrigate landscaping. If you already have rain collection, you may want to consider adding more barrels or tanks during the spring rains to give you more water for irrigation during the summer months.

3. Hardy Native Plant Species That Tolerate Summer Weather

Many people overlook the value of native plant species for landscaping design. These plants are naturally tolerant to local weather conditions in your area. There are many varieties of flowering shrubs, grasses and other plants that you can find for your area. These plants usually require very little water and maintenance, which make them ideal for hardy landscaping designs.

4. Providing Shade to Plants That Are Vulnerable to Summer Weather

Shade is valuable to help plants that are vulnerable to summer droughts. For plants that need partial shade, use windscreen materials that come in rolls, which can be found at any local garden center. The windscreen will provide shade for plants in summer and can be removed in spring or fall when these plants need more sunlight. For the plants that need complete shade, try planting them under tree canopies and areas of landscaping that are shaded most of the day.

These are some of the spring improvements that will help your landscaping when the weather gets hot and dry this summer. If you need help with these improvements, contact a landscaping company like The Yard Man, INC to help.