3 Must-Haves To Consider When Creating A Dramatic Fall Flower Arrangement

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Whether you are creating a dramatic display for your dining room table or want to make an arrangement for a friend or family member's birthday, creating a fall-themed flower arrangement does not have to be challenging. Using one or more of these vibrant must-haves, your fall arrangement will be both attractive and memorable.


Due to the bold color and unique texture, Chrysanthemums should be staples of your fall décor. Placing a few dark red Chrysanthemum in a tall vase can be appealing, but intermixing this common flower with a few surprising accents will make your arrangement pop.

Fill a vase with the red Chrysanthemum, but incorporate a few tall, thin tree branches into the vase, as well. Add long sprigs of red winter berry and purple beauty berry for a dramatic display of color.

The combination of textures from the flowers, branches, and berries along with the varying heights will ensure your fall arrangement makes a big statement.


In most parts of the world, the summer is the most common time for sunflowers to bloom. However, many sunflower varieties can be cut to create beautiful arrangements for the fall season.

To get started, trim the sunflower stems to allow the flower's head to pop out of the top. When creating an arrangement using these bold flowers, remember the more sunflowers you use, the better.

The entire vase opening should be filled with sunflower blooms for a gorgeous display of texture and fall color.

For a unique look, consider using a wood crate or a hollowed-out pumpkin as your container.


Celosias may be warm-weather flowering plants that thrive in hot, humid weather, but their durable, drought-resistant nature allows them to survive winters in most climates, as well.

Available in a variety of deep colors and heights up to 3 feet, Celosia flowers in orange and red make excellent options for your fall arrangement. Not only are the colors strong, but the overall design of the flower's blooms add a bit of creativity to your décor.

Trim a few Celosia flowers in deep shades of orange or red and place in a simple glass vase filled with water. While this may seem ordinary, the modern celosia arrangement will make an extraordinary accent piece in your home.

Fall is quickly approaching, so it is a great time to start planning your décor. With these must-haves, you can create unique, colorful, and bold flower arrangements for your home this fall.Talk to a place like Orchid Fever Inc. to find out what's available.