Things To Consider About A Placing Patio Cover Over Your Pool

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Whether you're browsing the available models of patio covers from a large retailer or you've decided to hire a contractor to build this structure for you, it's valuable to think about having this structure cover more than just your patio. If you have a backyard pool that is situated near the patio, it can be worthwhile to get a large patio cover that covers at least half of the pool. The project might be a significant undertaking, but it's one that you, your family, and your guests will enjoy for years to come. Here are some considerations about making this change to your backyard.

Perfect Protection From The Elements

A patio cover that extends over one end of your pool offers perfect protection from the elements. Just as a patio cover allows you and your family to enjoy sitting on the patio, barbecuing, and entertaining guests regardless of the weather, the cover over the pool will do the same. On a hot and sunny day, you can keep your kids in the covered area to minimize their exposure to the sun's rays; on rainy or windy days, your family can still enjoy being in the pool. This can especially be valuable if you've organized a pool party in advance and the weather on the day of the event turns out to be poor.

Creation Of A Pleasant Environment

Plan to have the patio cover positioned not only over the pool, but also over the pool deck in the affected area. This way, people can still enjoy sitting at the edge of the pool and watching the swimmers, regardless of what's going on with the weather. Swimmers will also be able to climb out of the pool and towel off without standing in the direct sun or, in the case of inclement weather, without being in the rain. On pleasant days when some people may want shade, you can open up the side windows of the patio cover to allow a breeze to flow through the structure.

Sliding Doors Will Confine The Area

Sliding doors are a common addition to higher-end patio covers, and you may wish to consider having a sliding door on the patio end of your cover. This way, if you're having a large gathering, children can play in the pool and adults can sit on the patio without loud noises from the pool interfering with the adults' conversation. While you'll still need an adult within the enclosure to keep an eye on the young swimmers, the other adults will enjoy this solitude while the kids will enjoy having their own personal pool area.

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