Keeping Your Porch Sitting Area Spider-Free

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If you enjoy spending quiet nights sitting on your front porch, but you constantly need to wipe away spider webs before relaxing, you are most likely upset about having to deal with this task. Eliminating spiders from using your porch as their resting place can be done with simple steps in the way you maintain the area. Here are some tips you can use to enjoy your porch without the inconvenience of webs getting into the mix.

Change The Way Your Light Illuminates

Spiders tend to congregate in areas where light is abundant. This is because many other insects are drawn to the light, giving spiders an ample supply of food to feast upon in areas in close proximity to the light source. Changing your front porch light bulb to one with a yellow hue is likely to reduce the number of insects that fly near the light source. Many insects cannot see yellow shades as easily as the bluish hues given off by standard incandescent, LED, or halogen bulbs many people use in the porch lights. With reduced insects in the area, there will be noticeably fewer spiders and webs in the area as well. Another idea is to leave your porch light off altogether and switch to solar-powered lighting along your front walkway as a means of illumination.

Consider Placing Nuts On The Porch

Spiders do not care for the scent of horse chestnuts and will avoid an area where they are abundant. Take a drive or walk around your town to look for these majestic trees. If one is on a private property, knock on the door and ask the homeowner if they would mind if you collected some of the nuts to use as a spider-control method. Place a nut on each side of each step of your porch as well as around your chair, table, or any other items you utilize while relaxing. You will soon notice that webs are no longer an issue.

Use Vinegar To Keep Your Porch Clean

It is very important to do routine cleanings of your porch to help keep spiders at bay. Make a spray from vinegar and water to apply to your porch railings, near your porch light, around your seating area, and any other spots where you saw webs in the past. Many insects avoid this scent, making it less of a feasting area for spiders. Mixing vinegar with coconut oil will deter spiders themselves. Apply the solution liberally to areas of your porch and wipe the solution off afterward with a clean piece of cloth to remove stickiness.

If you continue to have a spider problem, it might be time to contact a professional pest control company