Are You Being Proactive About Your Chimney?

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Chimneys are wonderful features that adorn the roofs of many homes. Not only do they look good, but they also serve a very useful function that comes in handy during every holiday season. They allow you to have a nice, controlled fire inside your home. The only thing that you have to do to ensure this remains a safety feature is to proactively clean your chimney and get it routinely checked by professional chimney services. Here are a few examples of why you should get your chimney checked by chimney experts every few months or so.

Build Up Of Soot Is Dangerous

You are always going to get a certain amount of soot coverage on the interior walls of your chimney, but you need to be careful that this does not become an untenable amount. The difference is that too much soot can both damage and prematurely erode the interior lining of your chimney, and it can also be a fire hazard. If you were to have an unlucky couple of events all happen at once, then a build-up of soot could prove threatening to your home. Luckily, virtually all chimney services cover the cleaning out of soot from your chimney, so you are safe from this possibility.

Unseen Leaks

The inner lining of your chimney is very important to keep your whole house safe from both the smoke that comes through the chimney and also any rain or water that may sneak down it during a storm. If the lining gets damaged or ripped somewhere along the way, you may not even realize until months pass and you see a huge leak or stain in another room of your house that adjourns the chimney. Chimney services will check that everything is still intact where it should be, and do any minor patchwork that you might need.

Clearing The Airway

You may notice if your chimney seems to release a lot more smoke into your home than usual. This is probably because something is blocking part of the exit vents on the top of your chimney. Perhaps a build-up of branches, leaves, or other debris could be causing a blockage, but it is dangerous to try to fix this on your own. One aspect of chimney services is clearing out everything that is stopping you from enjoying a nice, warm, and smoke-free fire this Christmas period. Contact a chimney service for more information.