Granite Counters Are Hard To Bust, But These Myths Are Not

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Granite is a really popular counter material, and one that many homeowners prefer. However, even those who have granite don't always know the truth about it. There are a lot of big myths floating around about this super-hard rock. Keep reading to see those myths busted wide open.

Myth: Granite is too heavy for existing cabinets.

If you are not planning on replacing your cabinets, but you are planning on replacing your counter tops, you might have had a friend tell you that granite won't be an option because older cabinets can't support it. This is, for the most part, a myth. It is true that granite is heavier than most other types of counters, but cabinets are almost always built to support a heavy counter, and on the off chance that yours are not, the counter installation team can reinforce them before putting down the granite.

Myth: Granite is too porous for safe food prep.

This myth asserts that you should not place food directly on your granite because the granite is porous and may hold into bacteria and grime. This is simply not the case. Granite is very smooth, and it is no more porous than other counter materials. Clean it before and after preparing food on it, and you should be good. You really should not be cutting things directly on your granite, but that is because doing so can damage your knives — it won't hurt the granite.

Myth: Granite starts looking dull really quickly.

You find granite you like with a lovely shine, but then a well-meaning friend tells you not to get drawn in — it won't be shiny like that in another six months. Your friend is not quite right, here. When properly cared for, granite retains its sheen. You just can't clean it with anything acidic, like vinegar, and you can't scrub it to death with steel wool. If it does start looking dull, a coat of polish will fix it up.

Myth: Light granite develops stains easily.

Granite can stain — but only if you let greasy items sit on it for hours on end. If you are careful to wipe up spills in a reasonable timeframe, then you shouldn't have to worry. And if your granite does become stained, a professional can remove the stains using special drawing agents. Concern for stains is not a reason to avoid buying granite.

If you think granite might be a nice choice for your kitchen, talk to a supplier like Artisan Granite & Marble. They can discuss these myths and any other concerns you might have.