How To Enhance An Outdoor Space With Decorative Candle Lanterns

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Whether you're decorating for an outdoor event or just want to enhance your yard or patio, candle lanterns can provide both aesthetics and soft illumination. You can either light the lantern with a real or LED candle, or purchase an electric version with a realistic-looking flame, depending on your preference.

There are a wide variety of decorative lanterns available, so you'll have no problem finding one to coordinate with any type of decor or event theme. From rustic to elegant, there is a candle lantern to enhance any outdoor setting. When purchasing the lanterns, it's important to look for ones that are recommended for outdoor use. These types of lanterns are made with materials that are designed to resist the natural elements, such as moisture, mildew, and mold. 

Here are some candle lantern ideas according to decor theme and style:

1. Rustic

If you're hosting a country-inspired outdoor event, such as a wedding reception, consider lighting up the space with rustic wrought iron candle lanterns. Other types of rustic candle lantern materials include galvanized steel, cast iron, wood, and bronze.

These rustic lanterns typically feature a simple style with glass doors that open so that you can easily insert and remove tea light candles. They feature hooks at the top so that you can hang them from tree branches, railings, hooks, and beams using sturdy rope or clear fishing line. You can also place them on tabletops or arrange several in the middle of a table as a charming centerpiece.

2. Festive 

You can give your outdoor space a festive touch using decorative candle lanterns that feature seasonal designs. These lanterns are generally made of metal, such as punched tin, and either have cut-out patterns all over or just on their doors. 

Some design ideas include hearts for a Valentine's Day soiree for a wedding reception, reindeer and snowflakes during the holiday season, flowers to celebrate spring and summer, or pumpkins and ghosts for Halloween.

3. Homemade 

If you're looking for a creative an eco-friendly way to light up an outdoor space, you can make your own decorative candle lanterns using household items. For instance, use craft paints recommended for outdoor use to enhance glass canning jars. Make intricate patterns and designs using gold paint for an elegant look, or brightly colored paints to give your yard or patio a tropical-inspired feel. 

You can also natural elements, such as twigs, seashells, stones and fall leaves, to make decorative candle lanterns that blend in with their surroundings.